Is Your Swimming Pool Safe And Compliant?

Once again the sunshine is beckoning as the holiday season approaches and our thoughts turn to freedom from time restraints and enjoyment with our friends and families.

In preparing for this particular time, you may be in the process of installing a residential swimming pool and have been researching the ideas and designs for a pool fence for this outdoor activity area.

Acknowledge the rules and regulations

security fences can protect your familyThe first thing to be considered is the local, state and federal laws which have specific requirements that must be met when installing a pool fence. It is very important to check with your local authorities or online for what will apply in your location.

Sadly, child fatalities from drowning are a useless statistic which can be greatly lowered with the installation of secure pool fencing. Children under the age of 5 years are particularly vulnerable and preventing them entering the pool deck is the main objective when installing a pool fence.

A great investment on the long term

Glass pool fencing is durable and very attractive with a clean, modern look. It is available in a semi-frameless structure or can be total without a frame. This model has become extremely popular and provides a seamless view of the total pool area. It is a safety feature in itself allowing supervision of the pool area from anywhere within range of sight.

However, it is the most expensive type of pool fencing and means a larger investment. It is a luxury item providing a very secure and enduring addition to your property. Where the safety of your family and visitors is the prime reason for fencing your pool area, then the cost is a secondary issue to life safety.

Various types of pool fencing available

Mesh pool fencing is probably the most popular choice to provide security for this area. It is very cost effective as well as it being a removable or portable pool fence. The transparent mesh is climbed resistant to little people, and it is easily removed when not required and can be reinstalled in a short time.

It comes in a variety of colours and opaque qualities. It creates a barrier between the house and pool area while still allowing a clear view of the water. However, though it is less expensive, the mesh is not nearly as permanent and durable as glass pool fencing.

Vinyl pool fencing comes in many styles and prices and can complement any property. Durable and attractive, often with aluminium reinforcing, it can be economical yet still be an interesting option for securing the pool deck.

Vinyl or Resin Fencing is particularly suitable for above ground pools and is easily installed by the handy DIY person.

a balinese outdoor area in perth

Wooden fencing is still a popular choice as it is cost efficient, attractive and durable but does require regular maintenance as it is prone to warping and wood rot in the wet pool environment.

Aluminium pool fencing is also a great model to consider and may be one that will suit your requirements. It is aesthetically attractive and is very stable and durable. It can be installed for any shaped pool and is available in some colours and styles.

It is sold in panels and must be designed to be near enough to the ground to prevent a child crawling or pulling themselves underneath. The uprights must also be close enough together to prevent an infant gaining entry to the pool area. This style of pool fencing can also be removable if required.

It is critical to making sure that the pool fence gate has a secure form of latching hardware. The best fence in the world is useless if the fence gate is not secure because of poor quality latching performance. Most importantly, remember, there is no pool fence can be a substitute for adult supervision. Visit the following website eline fencing to know more !