Why Choose A Professional Painter Over DIY?

If the time has come to redecorate your home, you’re probably wondering whether to do the job yourself and save money or hire the services of a professional painter. Although painting your home may seem fairly straightforward to do, if you go it alone, you may find yourself wishing you’d got professional help after all. Here are some reasons why:

High Quality Work

renovating-a-staircaseA professional painter has lots of experience in the industry and this will reflect on the quality of their work. If you use their services, you can be sure that your walls will be entirely finished and will look flawless, something which is difficult to achieve on your own without the benefit of training.
Professional painters also have the proper tools to get the job done and to get a smooth surface. If you want to do a DIY job, you would need to invest in all kinds of specialist equipment such as extension ladders, rollers and the right paintbrushes. Although you could hire these tools or buy them yourself, it is unlikely that you would be able to use them correctly to achieve a professional standard of work.

Cost Effective

Although you will save the initial expense of engaging a professional painter’s services, in the long term, you will actually save money if you opt to hire a professional to paint your home as the paintwork will last for longer, and there will be no need to freshen up the walls in a short space of time.

You will also save money on paint as a professional will know how to mix them correctly and will select the right colour before beginning work. Painters also use their tools so you won’t need to buy or rent any of your own.

Proper Preparation

Even if you choose an expensive paint and use the proper technique to paint your walls, you still won’t achieve the right effect if you don’t do the preparation work properly.
A professional painter has the know-how to scrape the walls correctly and will be able to smooth surfaces while taking care of any stains so that the finish will be long lasting and flawless. You can also be sure that your surfaces and furnishings will be well-protected to guard against any damage.

Cleaning Up

painting-contractor-on-a-wallIf you paint your walls yourself, you will be left with all the mess to clear up at the end of the project. When you hire a professional, you can leave it all them.


If you opt for a DIY paint job, can you be sure that you are adequately protecting yourself and your family from paint fumes? Can you be sure that you won’t injure your back while using a roller, or that you won’t fall on a ladder while stretching to reach the top of your wall?
A professional painter is well versed in safety measures and will also be insured and licensed against injuries and accidents.

Time Saving

Homeowners are busy people and fitting DIY into your schedule can be difficult. When you use a professional painter, you will save yourself time, stress and effort, freeing you up to do all of the other essential tasks that need accomplishing.